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Welcome to Yoga For Stability!

Create a new ageless self through yoga.

I teach students from age 4 to 100.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

My video, Transformation Through Yoga, won the Yoga Alliance 2012 video contest.
My yoga story and three of my students ages 92, 90 and 90 are featured.



"Physical inactivity is the strongest predictor of unsuccessful aging.”*
Physical activity helps prevent:

                •    Falls and Hip Fractures
                •    Loss of Muscle Mass and Strength
                •    Osteoarthritis
                •    Mental deterioration
                •     Respiratory disease
                •     Cardiovascular diseases
                •    Osteoporosis
                •    Obesity
                •      Diabetes 
                •   Cancer

Yoga for Stability is a safe and therapeutic form of exercise specifically designed to help
adults of all ages to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance,
all while promoting mindfulness and focused awareness.

* University of Florida research on aging

Your Yoga Practice Will:


+      Reduce risk of falls

+      Improve sleep

+      Minimize depression

+      Maximize strength

+      Improve endurance

+      Decrease anxiety

+      Enhance your appearance

+      Help you feel better

+      Improve your health

+      Trim your body fat

+      Tone your muscles

 +       Augment mental alertness

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Each newsletter will have a chair yoga pose, tips for healthier living, and ways for seniors to improve the quality of their lives. Most of all I will help you make yoga fun!

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Janet Humphrey - Yoga Teacher in Scottsdale
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